Ongoing visual/sound/written and performative project  …  exploring heterotopias and the unknown/known,  at times highly personal relationship to place, at times finding another enchantment and at times collaborating with others …

Main components being … Genius loci, folklore, ritual, futures past and  mythical other places. Topography,  landscapes of the wyrd and the conscious, unconscious – empirical observations teetering on the edgelands, an attempt to distill the experience

Regarding the sacred and profane in the urban and rural environment…

Considering found object as totem. Re-enchantment as a tool of resistance

A series slowly building on original walks started in Bristol back in 1998, a psychogeographic mapping of personal experience, mirroring the strata of the inner world with the outer being, hoping to intergrate somewhere along the way.

for more of my work, please visit  www.geraldinehudson.org

and for collaborating artists please visit …..

http://legionofswine.blogspot.co.uk/  Dave Procter

Katt Hernandez

everyday mythical urban sketchbook at https://www.instagram.com/mythicalurban/

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